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Revised Credit Default Swaps Framework – A Much Needed Change

The RBI has introduced a revised regulatory regime for the credit default swaps market in India with the introduction of the Master Direction – RBI (Credit Derivatives) Directions, 2022. In this article, we discuss the key features of the new framework and its likely impact on the Indian financial market.

Warranties and Indemnities Insurance in India - Are We There Yet?

Warranties and Indemnities (W&I) Insurance is relatively new to the Indian M&A ecosystem. While common globally, W&I insurance is yet to see widespread adoption in India. It holds great potential in an increasingly complex economic environment with its ability to provide cleaner exits for sellers and customised risk coverage for buyers. In this article, we explore key features of W&I Insurance and its benefits in the Indian context.

Emerging ESG Reporting Trends - An Indian Perspective

ESG reporting is in sharp focus globally and the regulatory environment is constantly evolving for businesses in the EU and India. This article delves into the challenges around ESG reporting under the existing frameworks, recent developments across these two jurisdictions and key issues to look out for in relation to business in India.

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