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In conversation with Mr. Sujith Nair

Our Partner, Nikhil Narendran, talks to Mr. Sujith Nair, CEO and co-founder of the Beckn Foundation, on open network infrastructure for commerce.

In the backdrop of the newly launched Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) initiative of the government, the conversation explores how open network protocols like Beckn can form the building blocks of an open, decentralised digital infrastructure to facilitate commercial transactions, similar to the design of the internet and e-mail.

They discuss issues relating to the adoption of such protocols, their governance structure and the treatment of data in open network ecosystems.


Sujith Nair

Sujith Nair is the CEO and co-founder of Beckn Foundation, a non-profit entity engaged in the development of open network protocols. The Beckn Foundation is the genesis author of the Beckn Protocol specification, an open digital infrastructure that allows restructuring the tech model from a platform based to an accessible-to-all protocol and the market model, as an open network marketplace instead of closed ecosystems.

Sujith’s work involves redesigning the existing digital infrastructure as a public good, focusing on inclusiveness and scale. He pioneered the Kochi Open Mobility Network (an initiative of the Kochi Metropolitan Transport Authority), the world’s first open, multimodal mobility network enabled by the open specifications of Beckn protocol. Currently, through his work at the Beckn Foundation, Sujith is empowering volunteers, comprising not just individuals but companies, working in retail and logistics to come together to implement a network of network model, similar to the design of the internet itself, of local retail discovery and end-to-end logistics.

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