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Our Partner, Veena Gopalakrishnan, talks to Madhu Damodaran, Group Head - Legal and Compliance, Quess Corp Limited, about the emergence of the gig economy.

They discuss the organisation’s foray into the gig space and delve into the need for legislation to govern gig workers. They also highlight the ways in which organisations can provide a more conducive work environment to gig workers.


Madhu Damodaran

Madhu Damodaran is the Group Head - Legal and Compliance of Quess Corp Limited, India’s largest private sector employer and leading integrated business services provider. Quess Corp supplies technology-enabled and managed outsourcing services across all business processes. Madhu’s domain expertise comes with over two decades of experience in labour law consultancy and human resource outsourcing operations.

Madhu has successfully established compliance practices and large-scale human resource operations in India and the Asia Pacific region.

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