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Our Partner, Akshay Jaitly, talks to Ajay Shah, one of India’s leading economists and the Co-founder of XKDR Forum, about the evolution and transforming nature of the ‘Indian Firm’ and its role as a key driver of economic growth.

From family-owned businesses to dispersed shareholding structures with a diversified board, they discuss the nuances of what makes a good firm, the impact of boards on the performance of the firm and how the opening up of the Indian economy has had a positive impact on the growth of private businesses. They also talk about the sectors that are likely to offer Indian firms a competitive advantage in the global market and the role of the State in supporting private businesses.


Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah is the Senior Research Fellow and Co-founder of XKDR Forum (Cross-Disciplinary Knowledge Data Research). XKDR Forum is a non-profit research organisation and Ajay’s research is at the intersection of economics, law and public administration.

Ajay’s second book (co-authored), 'In service of the republic: The art and science of economic policy', featured in Bloomberg's global '2020 Best Books on Business and Leadership'.

He has previously held positions at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research (IGIDR), Department of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP).

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