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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Trilegal serves a diverse set of clients and, as we grow, we continue to rely on talented people from different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and experiences to support us.

Our Mission Statement

To realise our vision of being the best, most innovative law firm in India, we know we must attract and retain skilled professionals. However, skill alone does not guarantee the achievement of our vision. We need professionals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and experiences.

Diversity applies not only to race and gender, but also age, sexual orientation and religious identities.

Equity is about ensuring that our processes are fair, impartial and provide equal potential opportunities for every individual.

Inclusion is about genuinely acknowledging, understanding and appreciating differences and creating a culture of mutual respect to operate without prejudice.

As we strive to be an employer of choice, we take responsibility to create a culture shaped by these tenets of diversity, equity and inclusion and commit to these values in letter and spirit.

  • Our policies and practices that encourage inclusion:

    • Equal opportunity employment
    • Pay parity
    • Structured feedback mechanism for grievance redressal
    • No retaliation policy
    • POSH compliance and zero tolerance towards all forms of harassment/bullying
    • Awareness programmes to help understand and celebrate each other’s uniqueness
    • Programmes to enable job rotation, skilling and collaboration

We recently became signatories to the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN WEPs), thereby strengthening our commitment to advancing gender equality in the workplace.


Our efforts have helped us achieve market-leading gender diversity ratios on par with global law firms. We currently have a near-equal representation of men and women in our firm. These efforts have been recognised by prestigious publications.


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