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Equity Linked Instruments 2.0

Equity linked instruments are regaining popularity as a way for companies to attract and retain talent. Buybacks and IPO frenzy over the last one year has fueled employee interest in these instruments. With companies deploying different strategies to make such instruments lucrative, employees are now perceiving these as a wealth maximising asset.

The Distressed Assets Sector: Poised for Growth

The Indian distressed assets sector has seen sustained interest from investors due to several legal developments over the past few years. While the outcomes so far have been a mixed bag, a flexible approach and consistent regulatory focus on resolving distressed assets promises to unleash the potential in the sector.

Indian Commercial Space Sector and the Path Ahead

The Indian government is set to bring in long overdue reforms in the commercial space sector aimed at encouraging foreign investment, private participation and technology transfers while simultaneously aligning Indian policies with international norms.

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