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CERC (Connectivity and General Network Access to the Inter-State Transmission System) Regulations, 2022

17 Jun 2022

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The Government has issued new rules for providing general network access, allowing generators to connect to and evacuate power through the inter-state transmission system without designating the location of the offtaker. These rules mark a new paradigm in transmission system planning by enabling flexible, non-discriminatory open access.
Partner: Nayantara Nag, Counsel: Megha Kaladharan, Associate: Shubhi Agarwal


The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) issued the CERC (Connectivity and General Network Access to the InterState Transmission System) Regulations, 2022 (GNA Regulations) on 7 June 2022. These regulations will come into effect on a date to be notified by the CERC. Upon coming into effect, the GNA Regulations will replace the existing inter-state connectivity and open access framework, i.e. the CERC (Grant of Connectivity, Long-term Access and Medium-term Open Access in Inter-State Transmission and related matters) Regulations, 2009 (CERC Regulations 2009) and the detailed procedures issued under these regulations.

The GNA Regulations have been issued in line with the concept of ‘One Nation, One Grid’. These regulations aim to provide nondiscriminatory open access to the inter-state transmission system (ISTS) to generating companies through general network access (GNA). Unlike the present ISTS open access system where generators are required to identify a consumer prior to grant of open access, GNA provides flexibility to the generators by providing them with open access rights without having to specify the injection point and drawal point (though at the time of applying for connectivity to the ISTS, the applicant must indicate the preferred point of connection with the ISTS along with the maximum quantum of power proposed to be interchanged with the ISTS).

The GNA Regulations also contemplate grant of temporary GNA (T-GNA), which is akin to the concept of short-term open access. T-GNA is an open access right provided to an eligible buying entity for any duration from one time block and up to 11 months. T-GNA is to be applied and processed through a single window electronic platform, i.e. the National Open Access Registry. As is the case with short-term open access, T-GNA will be granted for the available surplus capacity in ISTS after allocation towards GNA.

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